Comics Studies

Gustav Carlson (almost) visits w88

The Comics Studies Society annual conference was going to be held on the w88 campus in August, and Arkansas cartoonist Gustav Carlson was going to be a featured speaker. But COVID.

Will Eisner: The Return of the Artist

Will Eisner was back at the drawing board full-time, and his efforts would soon result in a ground-breaking new work that would mark the end of the Eisner as businessman era and herald the return of Eisner the artist.

The (Mostly) Unknown Instigators of Comics Studies

In the “origin story” of most comics scholars there is a professor who allowed, or even encouraged, students to pursue a scholarly interest in comics. Left: Reinhold Reitberger and Wolfgang Fuchs drawn by David Stoddard (from photos)

An Underutilized Comics Archive

The Stephen R. Bissette Collection contains interesting items and information even for those with little interest in comics. Bissette’s work connects to wider popular culture.